👋 Hello stranger!

😃 My name is Joakim Norman. I am a swedish born digital designer and user experience architect working in Copenhagen. 

🏆 I'm the creative leader for digital agency Molamil. We were lucky enough to have 15 nominations and 5 wins in the Danish award shows of 2015.

🎉 I've recently designed 'Pass it on', an e-learning app that has won several awards locally and internationally.

Other recent award winning work includes Generous Birthday Stand-insGrillfaktor.

👌 I enjoy doing beautiful and intelligent digital solutions. No matter if it's a website, an app or a physical installation.

🎓 I occasionally speak at conferences and lecture at my old school Hyper Island.

🍻 Enough bragging for one day. E-mail me or find me on LinkedIn or Twitter and I'll tell you about everything I suck at.

💩 Have a nice day!